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June 7, 2017

Content Management Systems integrated within websites allow users to add and edit page content, links, images, files and more. The idea of content management is to seamlessly integrate content into a custom design so that visitors to your website get the complete experience of a well-designed and unique web site while still allowing you total control of what appears on those pages.

Here at Adroidea Web Design Studio we've created the perfect product for you. Our CMS Simplified tool allows you to fully content manage your web site, down to adding additional pages if you need, and at the same time it fits directly into any custom website we create for you. We can even fit it into most existing designs if you're happy with your web site and just need to manage the content. (Some restrictions do apply.) There's no need to use a template web site that hundreds of other companies have. Instead we'll create a fresh, exclusive design that caters to your business and the visitors you are turning into customers.

We integrate CMS Simplifed into the website which provides you with complete access to page content, images, links and even menu options. You get all that and you don't even need to know any HTML. We use the TinyMCE editor to allow you to easily format the content of your pages without the back-end coding required to make them look custom. No need to have boring pages saturated with content, with CMS Simplified you can put images directly onto your pages move blocks of text around and create a unique look and feel for each page of your website. Gone are the days of standard size text and limited menus and pages.

Try out CMS Simplified today!

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