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We've been in the web game for some time now and tried out hundreds of products for search engine optimization and website metric reporting, but we've never come across a product that gives you such detail all in an easy-to-use format. That place is

Formerly SEOmoz, MOZ provides a website metrics in all shapes and sizes. After your website has been setup within the tool, you can pick a competitors to run your results against. If you have competition that is beating you at every turn in the Google results, here's your chance to find out why. MOZ provides a huge knowledge base for you to take that "why?" and turn it into a "why don't we do that too?"

MOZ doesn't stop at competition analysis though. They'll provide you with the ability to track hundreds of keyword rankings and show you what pages are ranking and what pages aren't. That way you know where to focus your efforts in content writing and marketing.

We here at Adroidea really believe in this product-- out of all the paid products we've tried, this one we still use today. Sadly, it isn't free-- but at $99/month, it's affordable for most small businesses and a lot cheaper than what the SEO companies will charge you. Try it out today or give us a call and we'll help you setup a campaign!

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