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Content Management Simplified

Content Management Simplified

Content Management Simplified

We had a problem. We needed a content management system for our customers that was easy for them to use (easier than WordPress) yet, something we could customize for their unique needs.

Our answer? CMSS®! CMSS® offers the users the ability to edit standard website page content but can be setup to include default options like our Stop in & Shop®, MC Blog®, mGallery®, Just My Events Calendar ® and testimonial rotator. But the best part is that developers can completely customize CMSS® to do anything their clients need.

CMSS® wasn't just built with developers in mind. This content management system is so easy to use, you won't believe it. No more needing to take classes to use your website or just giving up and going back to your web developer and asking them to make the changes for you. You'll be able to edit all the content and photos on your site simply and quickly.

we've had clients in the past worry that we were going to give them something they wouldn't be able to use. So we'd setup a time to train them, but provide the login ahead of time. Wouldn't you know, they were able to login without assistance and make updates before we could even get to the appointment.

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