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Custom Website Applications

Custom Website Applications

Web applications will enable your online business to go further. We can integrate all of our custom web applications into your new or existing web design.

Custom Website Applications

The sky is the limit for custom web application design. If you can think it up, we can make it happen for you. The success of your business relies on instant access to information, any time, anywhere. Delivering real-time access to your data for both your employees and your clients will increase the efficiency and mobility of your business.

Whether you need an application for project management, request tracking or accounting, it can and should be automated. Securing and delivering this information to your clients and your employees can seamlessly be built into your brand-new or existing website through a web-based application. On vacation? No problem, find out if those invoices were sent or if your project is going to meet the target date.

No matter how unique or complex, we can create a custom web application designed for usability and efficiency. Our >web-based applications are tailored to your exact specifications. We will provide a sophisticated interface for you to access any and every facet of your business.

Turn your dream business into a tangible web-based application, just contact us today.

Custom Design Methodology

We will work closely with you through every stage of the process to make sure your design requirements are met and that we deliver you a final product that is visually appealing and technically sound. Our product will suit the vision and desire you have for your business.

Requirement Assessment
During our requirement assessment we will dig down to the core goals of what you want your web-based application to accomplish. Once we have a solid overview and a detailed list of requirements we will provide you with complete documentation for the project as well as a timeline with milestone delivery dates. If phasing is necessary, we will create a requirement document for each phase.

After a full assessment has been made and the details have been agreed upon, we will enter the design phase. We will create layouts and mock-ups of the business process flows as well as graphic representations of what you will see upon each path through the application. Through the design phase you will know what your end product will look like as well as what functionality is contained within the application.

The development process is taking what we garnered in the design phase and translating that into a true, working application. From graphic representations to live web pages allowing you to login and view the inner workings of your application, our development will provide you with a complete application, fulfilling all of the requirements originally requested.

Testing is of major importance in any project. We have two phases of testing, the first of which is Systems Testing. This is where we make sure that the new application interfaces appropriately with your current environment and any other systems. We will complete testing and ensure that the application functionality is appropriate and error free. The next phase is User Testing. We will deliver the application to you in a testing environment and ask you to assign users within your company to test the application and identify any issues or enhancements that may be required.

This is what you've been waiting for! We will move your application into production and make it available for complete use in effectively enhancing your business. We will deliver all appropriate documentation to you as well as define the terms of the maintenance agreement.

Just because your application is live, doesn't mean the work is complete. If you want to maintain search engine visibility and a fresh website, your content must be maintained and enhanced on a regular basis. Monthly keyword assessment and competition analysis will allow your application to fight the competition and win more visitors.

We want you to get the highest return on your investment that your web application can bring. We will assess feedback received from your employees and clients and improve procedures as new project scopes emerge. With maintenance, you are sure to have the most effective and usable application possible.

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