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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Our Top Priority

Customer Satisfaction

You would think every single business, not just website design and web development businesses would prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Sadly, it just isn't true. Many customers we've worked with at Adroidea have some unpleasant stories to tell about how they've been treated at other web design firms, big and small, local and national.

While we don't want to dwell on these stories, if any of the following sound familiar, well, we can make sure that doesn't happen to you again.

"I've been trying to get a hold of my developer for 3 weeks now and they just won't respond to my emails or calls."

"I called my web design agency today and waited on hold for 20 minutes just to be told that the changes I wanted to my website just weren't possible. I was either going to have to re-do the whole website or live with it the way it is."

"I just wanted to change the opening paragraph text on my website, but my web developer said there's a minimum charge of $100 for any changes."

We've had folks come to us with all of these and more. So we're here to say, we're sorry you've gone through that before, but we'll do everything we can to make sure it doesn't ever happen again.

When Adroidea opened its virtual doors in 2009 we had three main goals:

  1. Create the best custom web development solutions available.
  2. Never say "NO" to a custom request.
  3. Provide excellent customer service.

We've been doing that for over 10 years now and it shows. Our client retention far exceeds that of any neighboring businesses in our field. Why is that? Simply put, we care. We care that your needs are heard, that your business goals are met and that we provide quality work and timely responses.

And you don't have to believe it just because we said it. Give us a call right now and find out how we can help you and just how much we care about your business and making it successful.

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