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Optimized Web Page Content

Optimized Web Page Content

Optimized Web Page Content

Optimizing your website is mostly about content. The better the quality of your web page content, the higher it will be ranked in the search engines. Optimizing requires that the keywords that you want people to find you using, be used over and over again in a full description of your products, services and business processes. You can't really over use a keyword, you can, however, create a page not worth reading. It is of the utmost importance that your page be engaging and useful to your visitors while still maintaining a balance of keyword usage.

There are five main things to be wary of when creating content for your web pages:

1. Keep your content fresh.

New and distinctive content helps your website to break away from the competition. Not only will visitors want to come back regularly to see what you have going on, but search engines are partial to fresh content. Blogging is a great way to keep your content up-to-date. Adroidea Web Design Studio provides the My Company Blog tool just for that. We can integrate it into your existing web site or create a brand new, custom web site with your blog as the focus. Another way to easily keep your content fresh is by using a content management system. Adroidea has you covered there too. Our CMS Simplified product allows you complete content management, it will even let you create brand new pages. With CMSS® you can update your home page every week or even every day if you like. This is a surefire way to keep the search engines coming back to your website regularly.

2. Have a high text to code ratio.

As covered in our optimizing web page design, Adroidea takes care of this for you. All of our web sites are hand-coded without all that extraneous code left in by other designers. We make sure your pages are content centric. The ratio of content to code should be three to one. We don't clutter your pages with code you don't need. Our code is sleek, efficient, and error-free for fast loading-- it's built to stay out of the way of search engines.

3. Maintain appropriate keyword density.

Keywords are the terms that visitors will be searching to find your website and it is crucial that those keywords appear on your pages, and that there is a minimum of a 5% keyword to content ratio. That is, if you have 500 words on your home page, 25 of them should contain the keywords visitors will use to find your web site via the search engines.

The higher this percentage, the higher your web site will rank against competitors using those same keywords. It is true that over using keywords can cause both search engines and visitors to shy away from your website. Always remember to write you content for your audience first, then go back through and optimize it for the search engines.

4. Have a strong start and finish.

The secret of SEO is to start strong and finish strong. Place your main keyword phrases in the first and last paragraph of your content will not only draw the attention of your visitors, but show the search engines the summary of your page.

Don't for a second ignore the middle of your content though. It's best to make the middle just as relevant to your product, services and processes, but save the bulk of those keywords for the beginning and end.

5. Put links on keywords.

A successful way to increase your search engine ranking is to insert internal links in your page content pointing to another page of your web site. As you'll see throughout our website we have links on key phrases and words that link to other pages and page sections of our web site. Not only do the links highlight important information for visitors, but the tell the search engine that your website's focus is on those keywords.

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