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Order Management

Order Management

What is an Order Management System (OMS)?

Order Management

An Order Management System is a combination of tools and reporting that allows your business to track sales, orders, inventory and fulfillment. It also facilitates the interconnectivity of all of those branches of business.

Having a custom order management system means that it can be built to the needs of your business and also integrated with any existing tools you have. Are you using eBay or Amazon, maybe QuickBooks or PayPal? Any of those systems can easily be integrated into custom order management system to bring all of the arms of your business together. You don't have to be stuck running reports in one system and manually filling in the information into another. With a custom solution from Adroidea, we can combine all of your tools in one easy-to-use platform with a tool that will save you countless hours of employee time and increase your revenue.

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