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Pricing Packages

Pricing Packages

Pricing Packages


The ROOKIE package is includes an affordable brochure style website with a static design. 10 full pages are included with two custom-built designs. (We don't use templates here at Adroidea, only quality, unique, custom designs-- so no matter what package you choose, you're always getting an original website!) This package includes a contact form and basic search engine optimization services.


The PRO package is a step above! Get a dynamic design with moving parts, menu mouse-overs, rotating photo galleries and bouncing icons all help to keep visitors on your website. This package comes with up to 25 full pages and three custom-built designs and a contact or request form.


The ADVANCED package is for clients that need something unique on their sites-- maybe that's a list of properties or an integrated blog. This package comes with our CMSS®, our easy-to-use, customizable content management system. And when you get a content management system, you get unlimited pages. So there's no need to worry about squeezing all you need to say into just a few pages! You'll also get a fully manageable photo gallery for projects or products. Ask about our add-ons and get a shopping cart, e-commerce solution or a sleek event calendar!


The CUSTOM packe is just that. Maybe you need full web development services. We have you covered. Here at Adroidea, we pride ourselves on web development work. We build massive web-based inventory systems, client registration tools and much, much more. Call us today with your needs and we'll design you a quality application that is as user-friendly as it is functional.

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