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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of increasing the visibility, that is search result or page ranking, of a web site in search engines in a natural and organic (i.e. you don't pay anything) way. When optimizing a page for the search engines, we consider how search engines work. Essentially a search engine wants to return the most relevant content to a user based on the keywords being searched.

To improve page ranking/search results, we first start out by completing a full website competition analysis. We go out and find competitors in your market and find out specifically what keywords they are targeting and what content they are providing to their visitors. Why do we do this? Simply, you can't beat the competition unless you know who they are. Once we have a good grasp of how your competitors are addressing the search engines, we can begin on a plan of attack for you. External linking, site submission, internal linking, web page design, content optimization and keyword density are all critical concepts to use when optimizing your website. Luckily, we'll do all of this for you. We'll help improve your content and make it friendly for the search engines as we follow our internal guidelines to makes sure our code is as clean and efficient as possible.

We don't employ any black hat techniques by spamming the search engines or creating hidden, off-page code. Nope. We'll just make sure that your site is content rich and employs best practices for increasing your organic website traffic.

Want to increase your traffic even more? Check out our print marketing, social network marketing and search engine marketing (SEM) sections for more information.

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