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Website Competition Analysis

Website Competition Analysis

Website Competition Analysis

Website competition analysis is the review of related companies that compete directly or indirectly with your company. Competition analysis allows us to identify exactly what companies you are competing with, what their strengths and weaknesses are and it will, in turn, identify what your sites strengths and weaknesses are. We suggest doing competition analysis twice a year, and it is highly recommended for both redesigned websites and brand-new websites. Identifying your competition is key to creating a quality web site that surpasses your competition.

Our competition analysis begins with defining your market. Are you garnering business locally, nationally or globally? Where you do the most sales now or where you want to do the most sales in the future is where we want to focus our research. However, it is beneficial to do a tiered approach as well. So even if we focus on the Greater Milwaukee Area, we'll still give you information on competitors coming up in the larger, Wisconsin-Illinois area as well. Once we have defined the market, we plug away, tirelessly combing through websites to give you keywords, tags and site rankings. Once we have gathered as much valuable data as we can, we'll create a report that identifies what your competitors are doing as well as areas where we can improve your existin web site or areas we will concentrate on developing with your new web site.

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