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What is WordPress? By definition, it is an open source website creation tool. What that means to you, is that WordPress is an off-the-shelf product built to allow you to manage the content of your website.

WordPress is a fully customizable system that allows you to control the entire look and feel of your website with free and paid-for themes in addition to having full control over all of the content within the website.

WordPress has a treasure trove of plugins too! What's a plugin? It's an add-on to your website to allow you or the users of your site to do specific tasks, for instance, to create an event calendar or a contact form.

While WordPress is awesome for simple content managed sites, if you need some serious coding, check out our CMSS® platform. It's customizable to such a degree that it blows WordPress out of the water!

And if you're just looking to update your existing WordPress site with a fresh, custom designed look, we can help!

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